After Nine Tonight

Tuesday Sex, Something We All Can Use!

Tuesday Sex

So, are you having enough Tuesday Sex?  Come on.  Be honest.  Are you?  If not, give it a try.  After almost two decades of marriage, a couple of kids, and a career, I am convinced that Tuesday Sex is absolutely essential for maintaining a strong and connected partnership with your husband.  Making time for more Tuesday Sex has really helped bring my husband and me closer together and I’ll bet it will do the same for you.

Not sure what Tuesday Sex is?  Or why it works?  I’ll be happy to explain, but first let me guess why Tuesday Sex might be missing from your relationship.

On any given Tuesday you’re beat.  There is still lots to think about to get through tomorrow and the rest of the week.  And as the night winds down, your mind is focused on getting the kids to bed, what you need to do for tomorrow and probably a hundred other things… What is almost certainly not in your head is any thoughts about sex.   You don’t feel sexy.  You aren’t craving sex.  And you’re not even remotely ‘in the mood’.   Besides, it’s getting late and you have an early start tomorrow.  And even though you’re not philosophically opposed to the concept of Tuesday Sex, getting in to the mood would take too long, and what you’re really looking forward to is sleep.… Sound familiar? Well, that just about summed up my Tuesday night frame of mind.

Tuesday Sex is absolutely essential for maintaining a strong and connected partnership with your husband.

But now I see things much differently. Yes, I am still tired on a Tuesday night, but experience has taught me that Tuesday Sex can have many benefits. Afterwards I am more relaxed, I sleep better, and most importantly, I feel closer to and more connected with my husband.  And that closeness and connection has extended outside the bedroom. When we’re connecting intimately, we’re more forgiving with each other, more affectionate, and a more functional team.

So what’s the secret? Well, for me there are two.  First is the recognition that sex is an extremely important form of communication – especially for guys.  An invitation for sex by your husband is often a request, or a need, for attention from you.  Continually rebuffing his advances can put a strain on a relationship, while participating can be an opportunity to reinforce your emotional connection.  It has taken me years to truly understand this, but I am now convinced about it.   The second secret is that getting into the right frame of mind mentally is essential to get the benefits of Tuesday sex (or really any sex).  And while being mentally in the right place helps with the enjoyment and emotional benefits of sex, getting there quickly is especially important for Tuesday.  After all, you still need to get to sleep!

By the way, Tuesday Sex does not have to be confined to Tuesday nights. For me it’s that ordinary, any day sex from like 10:06 – 10:23, with no special reason or pre-text.  Doesn’t have to be a special night, or date night, or Saturday night.  Doesn’t have to take long or be different.  Just sex to have sex.  Sex because we enjoy each other.  Sex because it feels really good.  Sex because it brings us closer.  Sex because we love each other.

Ready to give it a try?  I hope so!  And if quickly getting mentally ready for Tuesday Sex is hard for you, think about watching one of our short films.  They are only 15 minutes long and specifically designed to tastefully help busy moms quickly build arousal and begin realizing the wonderful benefits of Tuesday Sex!   Good Luck!

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