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Hey Everyone! Understanding, and then dealing with, low desire has been an educational and, ultimately, very rewarding personal journey. My hope is to inform, inspire, and support you to take your own journey, perhaps starting After Nine Tonight? Good Luck!


After Nine Tonight helps couples rekindle intimacy – featured by featured After Nine Tonight as a way to help couples rekindle their passion. “Part of what makes After Nine Tonight so relatable is that it addresses both the female and male perspectives on intimacy challenges.” Read the full article here.

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The Little Things

10 little things you can do for your spouse to reignite the spark. Occasional grand gestures of love are welcome but it’s the thoughtful, little things that put your relationship on solid footing for the long haul. I know it’s easy to put your partner last on the list when…

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Hey Dads! Here’s How to Get Your Wife in the Mood

Married women, especially those with kids living at home, are rarely in the mood spontaneously. I know it’s hard for you to believe that your wife doesn’t want your hands all over her the minute you see each other after a long day of work. But it’s really not you….

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Was Having Kids Really Supposed to Kill Our Sex Drive?

Sometimes I wonder if we are caught in a rather difficult rut of human evolution. If sex is critical (or should I say required) for reproduction and therefore our survival as a species, it makes plenty of sense that it is a pleasurable activity. It also makes sense that sex…

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How to spice up your sex life as a busy mom

One of the biggest difficulties in keeping your married sex life alive is being able to know how to spice up your sex life as a busy mom. Being a busy modern day mother is not a joke. It is pretty much the same as having a full time career…

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Do You Have 15 Minutes? Blog by Dr. Shannon Chavez

After Nine Tonight’s first episode was recently reviewed by Dr. Shannon Chavez, a clinical psychologist and sex and relationship therapist. Here’s an excerpt: “What I like about After Nine, is that the material leaves much to the imagination which can actually be better for desire and arousal. When a steamy…

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Get In The Mood When Your Husband Nags You For Sex

I recently spoke about what it actually means when your husband is nagging you for sex and how you can get in the mood in one of our “Quickies”. While I can admit that after a long day of being a busy mom the last thing I want to do…

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How to Initiate Sex More Often

When it comes to married sex, one of the biggest obstacles that many women struggle to overcome is being the initiator. The funny thing is that we all know how important sex is in building a healthy, happy relationship – so why do we struggle to initiate sex? One reason…

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Are You “All In” in Your Marriage?

Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling that maybe you’re married to the wrong person? The fond memories of the courtship, the carefree silly times, the romantic dinners, and in general most aspects of your relationship pre-kids and pre-careers seem like ancient history. And during those recent times when: Your…

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Prioritize Your Marriage

When you are married, sex and your relationship with your partner often take a back-seat to all of your other priorities – such as doing household chores, having a successful career, and spending some time on yourself. We all know that one of the biggest priorities when it comes to…

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