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3 Steps to Spice Up Your Sex Life

spice up sex life

After you’re married with kids and have reduced couple time – no matter how strong your bond is – it’s easy to fall into a rut in the bedroom. Here are 3 steps to spice up your sex life courtesy of After Nine Tonight!

Just by being in a room filled with possibilities your desire will be ignited.

#3. Play on the sense of anticipation
Anticipation can be a huge aphrodisiac. One way to spice up your sex life is to schedule a special evening with your partner, leaving a few days before for you to dwell on the possibilities of a sexually charged night together. On the big day, ensure that the things you do help rev you up. Begin by wearing some sexy underwear. Generate tension throughout the day by sending steamy messages (sexting) to your partner. If you are feeling a little tongue tied why not send a picture as a small teaser of what your partner can expect later – nothing too revealing, just enough to get the imagination working.

#2. Build an emotional connection
Women need an emotional connection before they can enjoy a physical connection. If this emotional connection has been sliding lately, you need to pick it up, pronto. Men, do you know what an emotional connection for your wife looks like? It has less to do with knowing what her favorite flower is and more to do with pitching in around the house, really listening to her when she talks, appreciating her, holding her hand, and making her feel understood. Ladies, speak up, tell your partner what you need to feel connected. He is not a mind reader – if you haven’t let your man know what you want, don’t just hope he will figure it out on his own. If you want more sizzle than fizzle then communication is key! Speaking about your wants, needs and desires will help spice up your sex life.

#1. Get creative with something new
As cheesy as it may sound, a lot can be said for role-playing. Creating an alter ego or inventing a sexual story line sparks your imagination and gets you out of a rut. An example of role-playing is meeting at a bar and pretending you are strangers getting to know each other. You could even build characters for yourselves such as a doctor & nurse, or boss & employee.

Another great of spicing up your sex life is to surprise your partner with a new toy. Better yet, go to a couples boutique and pick something out together. Just by being in a room filled with possibilities your desire will be ignited. Another simple tactic is to read Craigslist personals ads together, or get hot near a window (or in public for the more daring). Why not try reading erotic stories, on your own or to each other? Or watching some erotic content, proven to be one of the most effective methods for stimulating your imagination? This time try watching something new such as any of After Nine Tonight’s short videos.

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