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Sexless Marriage and Low Libido – Tips to Get Her in the Mood & End Both!

A common issue facing long term married couples is reduced intimacy, often stemming from low libido (e.g. decreased sex drive) in one or both partners. Left unaddressed, low libido can transform a once happy and intimately active couple, into another member of the growing group of sexless marriages.

Luckily even if you find yourself on this path, there is hope – lots of it! Take a look at the this video where Doug Olds, co-founder and executive producer with After Nine Tonight, discusses some of reasons why low libido is so common, and more importantly, some tips for how you can help her to get into the mood.

Ending a sexless marriage stemming from low libido is possible, especially once you understand and acknowledge how various stressors and behaviors can impact sex drive. But this understanding of each other doesn’t come without a conversation. It’s absolutely critical to talk to your partner about the importance of intimacy in your marriage and what factors contribute to lowering libido. Once you understand each other’s perspectives, you work toward a solution that is mutually satisfying.

Often the female partner partner has trouble shutting down the endless to-do list running through her mind at the end of the day, squeezing out thoughts of intimacy. If that’s the case in your relationship, finding a tool that enables her to get mentally in the mood for sex is a key first step in ending the sexless marriage. Getting into the right frame of mind results in more pleasurable sexual experiences; and having pleasurable sex is a wonderful libido booster, helping to get you on your way back to an active and mutually fulfilling sex life!

Our short, erotic videos are made to help you revive your flagging libido and bring sex back into your relationship.  Watch one now to end your sexless marriage! Good Luck!

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