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Rekindle Series

We are creating a one-of-a-kind film series to quickly help busy moms get mentally in the mood for intimacy.  Our short romance films are tasteful, entertaining, arousing, and revolve around monogamous, married couples. Each episode is about 15 minutes and is shot at a PG13/R level (e.g no nudity) to appeal to a wide audience.

Join Danielle (fit and fastidious, former consultant, stay at home mom), Brooke (successful, but overworked attorney) and Simone (free spirited, freelance graphic designer) – three friends who understand the challenges of finding the time and motivation for sex in their busy lives and decide to do something about it! Each short episode will let you catch up with these moms as they meet to share someone’s recent (and successful) attempt to rekindle the sparks in their bedroom. Their stories are designed to entertain, arouse and motivate you to do the same!

Episode 1: Staycation

episode 1 staycation

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Simone kicks the series off by sharing details from a surprise date night that her husband Will planned out. Her still visible afterglow, and details of the date, motivates the other women to create their own stories to share

Starring: Will, Simone, Danielle, Brooke
Runtime: 13 minutes 50 seconds
Available in HD

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episode 2 coming soon

Derek makes up for spending too much time away with his golf buddies by treating Brooke to an extended massage.

episode 3 coming soon

Danielle lets go of her insecurities as she and Greg find time for an enjoyable shower.


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