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How Can I Reignite My Married Sex Life?


Are you ready to reignite your married sex life? Can you even remember the last time you had sex that you both enjoyed? Reigniting your married sex life is what After Nine Tonight is all about. In today’s modern world married sex still remains an almost taboo topic. Most people shy away from openly discussing what should be considered one of married life’s most important issues. While married sex may be a sensitive subject, the longer you remain reserved about the state of your married sex life the more at risk you are for allowing sex (or lack there of) to become a growing source of guilt, stress, resentment and conflict in your relationship.

As unromantic as it sounds, sex had one vital role during your courtship and relationship formation. However now that your relationship has been formed and cemented, sex becomes critical to maintaining the intimate connection between you and your partner. This is especially true for men, as married sex is generally not something they want saved for a special night, or a reward or ‘thank you’ but rather a crucial form of communication that reinforces the magical connection in a loving relationship.

Reigniting your married sex life is what After Nine Tonight is all about.

Although you both still love each other, you may have found that you have hit a brick wall in your married sex life. Perhaps one of you has become indifferent to sex while the other is dissatisfied with the frequency and the quality of sex in your otherwise ‘happily married’ life. Often busy schedules and fatigue are blamed as the culprits behind a sexless marriage however the reality could be a little more complex. While one partner is frustrated and confused by the continual rejection of their advances, the other partner, knowing that their spouse is hoping for so much more, secretly harbors guilt. Without any communication, the married couple continues on this downward path to nowhere. To change direction of this destructive path there are 3 basic steps that you can take right now to restore your married sex life:

1. Reassess:
Reassess the role of sex in your long-term relationship. Although you have advanced, or matured as individuals and as a couple, perhaps your understanding of the role of sex in your lives has not.

2. Discuss:
Discuss the current state of your married sex life. Begin by opening up about how it affects you and your partner. Be honest about how you both feel. Share your thoughts about what you want and how important sex is to each of you. Chances are you will be surprised.

3. Prioritize:
Make sex a priority by finding time for it! Once you recognize the tremendous value that sex has on maintaining and strengthening marital bonds, you will realize that it is indeed something worth making time for.

While these steps may seem easier said than done, After Nine Tonight is here to help. We are dedicated to rekindling the passion & intimacy that married couples feel have dimmed over time. For most married couples, decreased frequency of sex is due to one partner not being receptive or in the mood. Our belief is that by helping that partner to get into the mood (e.g. increasing cognitive arousal), a couple can get on their way to more frequent and enjoyable bedtime activities.  Watch our entertaining, arousing films tonight!

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