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Combat the Libido-Crushing Holidays

Ho-ho-how prepared are you for the low libido inducing, double stress injection of the holidays? As you well know by now every day stresses are a huge libido killer, but layer that with traditional holiday stress and the frigid temperatures will soon be invading your bedroom too! Lucky for you, After Nine Tonight is here to provide a few festive tips to help combat the libido-crushing holiday season!

For most of us the holidays signal the height of the cold winter period. Having lived our whole lives with this knowledge many of us make all kinds of creative plans to escape the winter chills. From snuggling up with warm drinks in front of a fire to heading for fairer weather in the warmer parts of our country, escaping the cold is what we do. So why not apply the same tactics to escaping the low libido chills? Plan a sexy getaway to a tropical location – while the Caribbean is a dreamy option you don’t have to look too far a field to find warmer weather. Think houseboat in Key West or Palm trees in San Diego then grab your coconut oil and go… even if it is only for a few days. If travel is not an option, don’t be dismayed. Why not kill two birds with one stone by enlisting the baby-sitting skills of your overly attached in laws and plan a romantic afternoon just for you and your partner? Palm the kids off with the in laws for a few hours of crucial one on one time. Even if it is just catching a movie, ice skating or simply snuggling together on the couch, make sure you get your special time together.

There are many ways you can crush that low libido instead of having it crush you.

Heat things up:
The heat does not have to stay in the kitchen this festive season as there are many ways you can heat up your low libido in the bedroom. By getting a little creative with some scatter cushions, feather comforters and a few wooly scarves you can turn the heat up for some sexy snuggle time in your own warm winter cocoon. If you are feeling really adventurous how about trying out a little festive food fun in the bedroom with some warm body chocolate? There are many ways to arouse your senses, lift your low libido and heat things up these holidays!

Keep portions small to increase your sexual appetite:
While on the topic of food, one of the biggest causes of low libido is the feeling of being overweight from all the holiday food indulgences. If you want to increase your sexual appetite, try decreasing your portion sizes a little. By no means are we expecting you to turn down the plum pudding but try skipping the extra candy canes or Christmas cookies. Without the feeling of extra weight you will soon be looking to satiate your sexual hunger and ridding yourself of that annoying low libido belly.

Saucy shopping sprees:
Another low libido monster is born out of the stress of holiday shopping. Trying to find that perfect gift for your special someone is impossible. For the good of your dwindling libido accept this fact and move on! That’s right; move on to a saucy shopping spree with your partner. Instead of buying each other individual gifts why not hit the “naughty” store for a special gift that will help combat the genital numbing holidays, literally! An exciting bedroom toy, or a new sexy Christmas outfit is just the gift you both need to put each other back on “nice” list this year.

There are many ways you can crush that low libido instead of having it crush you. If all else fails why not try tuning in to one of After Nine Tonight’s steamy online episodes to keep your blood pumping to all the right places these holidays.

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