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The Little Things

10 little things you can do for your spouse to reignite the spark.

Occasional grand gestures of love are welcome but it’s the thoughtful, little things that put your relationship on solid footing for the long haul. I know it’s easy to put your partner last on the list when you are busy being the referee about which kid started it, the chauffeur for the school carnival, and the employee who needs to leave early.   But believe me, finding time to do something small each day for your partner can pay big returns. And if your relationship is a little rocky at the moment, go full steam ahead. Little, appreciative acts can help change perspective and reignite the spark – even at a time when you think nothing will help.

This is the week to start doing something small for your partner every day. And you can do it in less time that it takes you to pull your toddler off the floor after a tantrum. Small is key here. You need it to be sustainable so can you keep it up forever. And just watch out – this type of behavior might be catchy. If you find your partner starts doing small, thoughtful things in return for you, that’s at your own risk.

Below are 10 ideas to get started – and I don’t even know your partner. Surely you can think of a few more that might be even more meaningful!

10 little things you can do for your spouse

  1. Send a text or put a post-it on the mirror. Don’t stress over the words. Thinking about you or I love you is all it needs to say.
  2. Bring their favorite drink – a cup of coffee or tea is usually right on target
  3. Start the car – when there’s a chill in the morning, who doesn’t like to get into a nice warm car?
  4. Compliment
  5. Appreciate
  6. Carve out 15 minutes for uninterrupted talk with no phones.
  7. Foot rub – AHHH.
  8. Get up first and tend to the kids.
  9. Do a chore that usually falls on your partner’s shoulders – make the bed, take out the garbage, unload the dishwasher.
  10. Put a chocolate on the pillow.

And of course, if you want to go big, set aside some time for TuesdaySex!  Get in the mood tonight for intimacy tonight by watching one of After Nine Tonight’s short, arousing films.

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