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Date Night Ideas – Relax & Don’t Over Think It!

Type in ‘Date Night Ideas’ into Google and you’ll get enough ideas to last you the rest of your life.  But are the ideas really all that easy to implement? And seriously, as grown adults, do we really need to consult the advice of strangers on how to get some quality time with our spouse???

The popularity of Date Night Idea lists seems to imply that even though you may have spent 2000-5000+ nights with your partner; taken numerous vacations together; dined in hundreds of restaurants; and had countless talks about everything under the sun; somehow you are incapable of coming up with the magical formula for a great night out.   Or worse – that a great night out requires some out-of-the-box thinking!

“Oddly enough, it is this barrage of life stress and partnership neglect that enables a date night to actually become magical.”

Well friends, we’d like to suggest that too many of us are just over-thinking the concept.  Worse yet, the idea that a date night has to be something special, quite honestly just adds pressure and stress to something that is supposed to relieve us from stress!  Ironic, eh?

When you reduce a date night down to its essence, it’s really a pretty simple concept.   For most of us, daily life – even when fulfilling or rewarding – is stressful and tiring.  Simply living in a house with a spouse and kids is stressful.   Add to that keeping the house clean, ensuring all mouths are fed, organizing rides to activities, all while managing a career or two is tuff stuff.  And more often than not, it is our relationship with our partner that often takes a back seat.   Oddly enough, it is this barrage of life stress and partnership neglect that enables a date night to actually become magical.

Simply by carving out some uninterrupted time together, away from the rest of the daily stressors, gives us an opportunity to once again enjoy each other’s company (e.g. the reasons you probably got married in the first place!). That is the magic – reconnection.  And with the one you perhaps love the most, but pay the least attention to.  It doesn’t need to be fancy.  Or expensive.  Or exotic. Or new.  Just uninterrupted time, in a setting when you can both relax.

But if you haven’t reconnected in a while, you might want/hope to end the date with some really hot sex.  If it’s been a while, that can stress you out too.  Hopefully this is where After Nine Tonight can help.  Our short, romantic movies can be the perfect mental warm-up to get your mind ready (a.k.a. cognitive arousal), and take away your concerns about low desire or performance anxiety.  Again, we want you to relax, and not over think it.  Just have some fun!  Suzy

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