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Hey Dads! Here’s How to Get Your Wife in the Mood

Married women, especially those with kids living at home, are rarely in the mood spontaneously. I know it’s hard for you to believe that your wife doesn’t want your hands all over her the minute you see each other after a long day of work. But it’s really not you….

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Tuesday Sex – Why Ordinary Midweek Sex Tops Make-Up Sex For Married Couples

Remaining sexually connected over the years is a challenge nearly all married couples face at one time or another. Look no further than the seemingly endless number of articles, books and talk show segments on sexless marriage, and you will quickly realize the extent of the challenge. In fact, on…

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Sexless Marriage and Low Libido – Tips to Get Her in the Mood & End Both!

A common issue facing long term married couples is reduced intimacy, often stemming from low libido (e.g. decreased sex drive) in one or both partners. Left unaddressed, low libido can transform a once happy and intimately active couple, into another member of the growing group of sexless marriages. Luckily even…

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Is Resentment Toward Your Husband Killing Your Sex Drive?

Resentment. We’ve all felt it from time to time. But we didn’t expect that we could build up so much toward the one we love the most. This didn’t happen before kids. Now we are running around a mile a minute at night – folding the clothes, bathing the kids,…

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Help! I Feel Like I’m In A Sexless Marriage

Has your married sex-life become a thing of the past so much that you feel like you are in a sexless marriage? Have you noticed an emotional separation corresponding to your lack of intimacy? Think that a sexless marriage is just something you just have ‘to deal with’? Or that…

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