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How to spice up your sex life as a busy mom

One of the biggest difficulties in keeping your married sex life alive is being able to know how to spice up your sex life as a busy mom. Being a busy modern day mother is not a joke. It is pretty much the same as having a full time career…

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Get In The Mood When Your Husband Nags You For Sex

I recently spoke about what it actually means when your husband is nagging you for sex and how you can get in the mood in one of our “Quickies”. While I can admit that after a long day of being a busy mom the last thing I want to do…

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How to Initiate Sex More Often

When it comes to married sex, one of the biggest obstacles that many women struggle to overcome is being the initiator. The funny thing is that we all know how important sex is in building a healthy, happy relationship – so why do we struggle to initiate sex? One reason…

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Prioritize Your Marriage

When you are married, sex and your relationship with your partner often take a back-seat to all of your other priorities – such as doing household chores, having a successful career, and spending some time on yourself. We all know that one of the biggest priorities when it comes to…

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Spice Up Your Sex Life with Vacation Sex

Have you noticed how vacation sex can spice up your sex life without you putting in much effort?  (A vacation without kids, that is.  If it’s with kids, forget it!)  It’s really amazing what a little escape can do to reinvigorate your libido! Try something new and novel together. Vacation…

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Combat the Libido-Crushing Holidays

Ho-ho-how prepared are you for the low libido inducing, double stress injection of the holidays? As you well know by now every day stresses are a huge libido killer, but layer that with traditional holiday stress and the frigid temperatures will soon be invading your bedroom too! Lucky for you,…

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What’s Keeping You in a Sexless Marriage?

A sexless marriage can develop over time for various reasons – a busy work life, feeling exhausted after a day of looking after your home and kids, just generally finding that you don’t desire sex as much as you used to. Whatever the reason, it is important to know that…

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Is Your Career Causing Your Low Libido?

If you have been following my recent articles it should be no secret to you that low libido is one of the top concerns for couples experiencing troubles in their sex lives. While there are many reasons given to explain low libido, in dual-career couples, it can be especially prevalent….

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The Wonderful World of Women’s Erotica

While women’s erotica has been considered taboo for centuries, After Nine Tonight is here to break down the falsehoods and help you understand and explore the wonderful world of women’s erotica as an essential element of your cognitive arousal. Due to the misconceptions surrounding women’s erotica, which has been perpetuated…

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5 Tips for Improving Low Libido in Women

If you are looking for ways to improve your love life and rediscover that spark you once had with your partner, After Nine Tonight has 5 tips for improving low libido in women. Many adult women, ranging in age from those who are going through menopause to the much younger,…

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