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susy-doug-oldsAfter Nine Tonight is the product of our personal journey seeking to solve an extremely common, but rarely discussed, issue in many long term partnerships. In short, our sex life had dulled over the years, seemingly without explanation. We did expect to experience a temporary decrease in bedtime activities after our children were born (the numerous books for expectant parents all talked about it), but again we expected it to be temporary.

Well a few years after our last child was born, we started to really question just how long temporary can be? Not content to just wait things out and hope for an improvement, we started our journey. A discussion with Suzy’s doctor provided some unwelcome evidence about just how vexing the issue was. In short, decreased desire seems to happen to a majority of women, yet there was really no solution that the doctor could offer. No pill. No exercises. No treatment plan. Just a couple of vague ideas.

Disappointed that the health community didn’t seem to have any real solutions to an apparently very common issue, we set out to try and understand the issue so we might be able to solve it on our own. Books were read, videos were watched, scholarly articles were reviewed, doctors were interviewed, & experts were consulted.

Through the years of investigation, we developed three core beliefs that drove the development of After Nine Tonight:

oneDecreased desire does not have to be an accepted side effect as we mature.
oneIntimacy is very important in maintaining a strong marriage, which results in stronger families.
oneThe female brain is the most important sex organ. When we are mentally prepared for sex, it can be so much more enjoyable!

Driven to relight the flames of passion in committed couples, which will lead to happier marriages and stronger families, our journey has focused on trying to create video content that will specifically appeal to busy mothers enabling them to cut through the everyday stresses that occupy the mind, and actually awaken the natural desires for intimacy.

We are creating a film series that Suzy has wanted for herself but has been unable to find: one that is tasteful, entertaining, arousing, short, and between monogamous couples. Each episode is 15 minutes and is shot at a PG13/R level. We hope you enjoy it!

suzy and doug

the michael group
The After Nine Tonight – Rekindle Series is being developed in Chicago with The Michael Group, a full-service and award-winning video production company with over three decades of experience. Their work routinely appears on A&E, the History Channel, the National Geographic Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, The Weather Channel, NBC, and ABC News.

Most significantly the The Michael Group is a woman-owned firm that truly understands, and has embraced, our vision. They did a tremendous job in guiding us through the development and production of our series pilot – Better than Chocolate – and we are thrilled to partner with them as we develop the series.


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