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Tuesday Sex – Why Ordinary Midweek Sex Tops Make-Up Sex For Married Couples

Remaining sexually connected over the years is a challenge nearly all married couples face at one time or another. Look no further than the seemingly endless number of articles, books and talk show segments on sexless marriage, and you will quickly realize the extent of the challenge. In fact, on a recent TV segment, Dr. Oz went so far as to say that as a nation we are in a sexual famine! Clearly, we are a nation in need of Tuesday Sex! We need that ordinary midweek sex. Because if we are waiting for the stars to align, chances are, it just won’t happen!

In an attempt to help couples to end a dry spell or remain sexually connected, hundreds or thousands of articles have been written with tips on the how to have the ‘best’ sex, or ‘amazing’ sex, or suggesting that having one kind of sex or another that is beyond ‘ordinary’ is what your relationship needs.   The obvious train of thought being that in long term relationships sex declines out of boredom, and all we need to get back on track is something different.   The ‘being different’ train of thought is no doubt also responsible for the hype given to how great sex can be after an argument or break-up (a.k.a. make-up sex).

In the attached video, Dr. Suzy Olds, co-founder and executive producer at After Nine Tonight, talks about how ordinary everyday sex (Tuesday Sex) trumps make-up sex for married couples.

While ‘different’ can have a place, it should not be the first step for couples seeking to reconnect in the bedroom. For the married couple, sex is so much more than just the physical act or the scenario around it. It is an important form of communication and expression.   When this is lacking, seeking something different or extra special, is much less important than finding the time and mental energy to just do it.

At After Nine Tonight, we have named that ‘just do it’ sex as Tuesday Sex. Yes, it can be ordinary. Yes, it can be quick. But by understanding the importance of Tuesday Sex in your relationship and by being mentally present you open yourself up to its many benefits.

Watch our short, romantic films after the kids go to bed tonight.  They are designed to help busy moms get in the mood quickly so you can bring the Tuesday Sex back into your bedroom.

Good Luck!

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