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Is Your Career Causing Your Low Libido?

If you have been following my recent articles it should be no secret to you that low libido is one of the top concerns for couples experiencing troubles in their sex lives. While there are many reasons given to explain low libido, in dual-career couples, it can be especially prevalent….

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Tuesday Sex – Why Ordinary Midweek Sex Tops Make-Up Sex For Married Couples

Remaining sexually connected over the years is a challenge nearly all married couples face at one time or another. Look no further than the seemingly endless number of articles, books and talk show segments on sexless marriage, and you will quickly realize the extent of the challenge. In fact, on…

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Sexless Marriage and Low Libido – Tips to Get Her in the Mood & End Both!

A common issue facing long term married couples is reduced intimacy, often stemming from low libido (e.g. decreased sex drive) in one or both partners. Left unaddressed, low libido can transform a once happy and intimately active couple, into another member of the growing group of sexless marriages. Luckily even…

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WCIU The U – You & Me This Morning

We were able to share the After Nine Tonight story on the You & Me in the Morning show with Melissa and Jeanne. Our segment aired on April 7. For those of you who missed it, here’s the video. View the segment

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Your Tango Expert: Help! I feel like I’m in a sexless marriage.

Doug Olds is a featured expert on Your Tango. Here he discusses how common sexless marriages are and what you can do if you find yourself in one.

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